Mr. Jasper is our "once in a lifetime dog".  Our first showdog, "Bumbles" pretty much showed himself to the point that judges overlooked my novice mistakes to award him wins over  some of the best dogs of the time.  He had an incredible hard, jet black coat, a fabulous headpiece with a correct dark eye and short back.  
Around the house, Jasper was always the ultimate gentleman.  Our girl Scotties would steal his food, his toys and treats but never a complaint did we hear. 
Jasper passed away at almost 14 years old, he lived an amazing life and we were so blessed to have him.

 Watch Jasper's latest adventure:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZtugU_vyo8&feature=youtube_gdata

Jasper with Robert on the lead at the Scottish Terrier Club of Atlanta, April 2012  at 12 years he still loves the showring


Ch HoppelPoppel Rococo's Kiss

Ch. Rococo's Terrific Thyme

Ch. Rococo's Clark Kent

Ch. Deblin's Back Talk

Ch. Amescot's Piper's High C

Ch. Rococo's Precious Pearl

Ch. Rococo's Ring of Brightwater

Ch. Amescot's Talk O the Town

Ch. Rococo's Miss Tabasco

Ch. Rococo's Autumn Haze

Ch.Rococo's Mr. Chaucer

Rococo's April Love

Rococo's Ebony Kisses

Ch.Rococo's Mr. Chaucer

Ch. Dabob's Highland Chief

Ch. Dabob's Woodson of Hillview

Ch. Hillview's Tracy of Dabob

Ch. Camelot's Sparkles of Rococo

Camelot's Patrick Von Throck

Willowind's Maiden Camelot

Rococo's Lotta Kisses

Camelot's Patrick Von Throck

Willowind's Maiden Camelot